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All About Fitness. All About Wellness. All About You.

Smart people are getting in shape and eating better and for good reason. By exercising and eating more healthy we not only look and feel better now but we also gain the long term benefits of a more enjoyable future, less potential health risks and the ability to do the things we love much longer.

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Things You May Like to Know About Us

LifeToned was birthed from blending Rip Toned Fitness and Lifemark Labs. Both these small family owned businesses originated from a passion for health and wellness. We have been tirelessly working in unison to develop and provide a wide range of fitness and healthy eating products to the market delivering an array of powerful benefits.

LifeToned products are created to deliver measurable results in making people look and feel better.

A typical by product to looking better is to also "feel better". When we like how we look we automatically feel better about ourself. As well by getting in better shape through exercise and healthy eating our bodies become stronger, we have more energy, vitality and general wellness of being.

Simple concept... life changing results. 

LifeToned only develops products using materials that are BPA free, food safe, environmentally friendly and built to last, all backed with our unheard of Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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